Level 5 - St. Louis, MO

Saint Louis

Once you reach level 5, you have access to the Saint Louis location!  Saint Louis a major U.S. port and built along the western bank of the Mississippi River.  This art depicts the famous Gateway Arch, a 630-foot monument, and is the worlds tallest arch.


You can collect the following charms at this location.






 BBQ Ribs  Delicious  No  No  Yes
 Blues Music  Get in the groove  Yes  No  Yes
 Gateway Arch  The start of the Oregon Trail  No  No  Yes
 Gooey Butter Cake  Buttery.  And Gooey.  Yes  No  Yes
 Grant's Cabin  I wonder who lived here?  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Louis and Clark  Explorers and pioneers  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Paddleboat Casino  Let's roll a Bunco!  Yes  No  Yes
 Spirit of St. Louis  What a beauty  Yes  No  Yes
 St. Louis Abbey  Arches, lots of arches  Yes  Yes  Yes
 St. Louis Brewery  mmmm... Beer!  Yes  No  Yes