Level 15 - New York, NY

New York

At level 15 the New York, NY. location is unlocked! New York City is the most populous city in the United States.  The excellent art above depicts the famous Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France.  The statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

You can collect the following charms at this location.

Bunko Bonko New York, NY, charms






 Apple  Big. Apple.  Yes  No  Yes
 Broadway Street  Time to see a show!  No  No  Yes
 Brooklyn Bridge  Like London Bridge, but it didn't fall down  Yes  No  Yes
 FDNY Truck  These guys are heroes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Freedom Tower  Like a phoenix from the ashes  Yes  No  Yes
 Hot Dog  A New York staple  Yes  Yes  No
 I Love NY  The legendary icon  No  No  Yes
 Statue Of Liberty  The beacon of freedom  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Taxi Cab  Taaaxxxxiiii!!  Yes  No  Yes
 Theater Masks  Happy time. Sad time. Happy time.  Yes  No  Yes