Level 1 - Heppner, OR

Heppner, OR

New players start in the small town of Heppner, OR.  Heppner is the county seat of Morrow County Oregon. This wonderful art depicts the Morrow County court house.


You can collect the following charms at this location.






 Baking Blue Ribbon  You baked a championship pie at the fair!  Yes  No  Yes
 County Fair Ticket  This is your ticket to the county fair!  No  No  Yes
 Cowboy Boots  A great lookin' pair of boots!  No  No  Yes
 Crop Duster  Time to spray the weeds!  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Fishin' Rod  Time to go fishin'  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Letterman Jacket  What a stud!  Yes  No  Yes
 Pioneer Covered  Let's hit the Oregon Trail!  Yes  No  Yes
 Wheat Combine  Used for the fall harvest!  Yes  No  Yes
 Wild Mustang  The most incredible of horses!  Yes  No  Yes
 Yard Of The Month  You won a prestigious award!  Yes  Yes  Yes