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BUNCO BONKO is an exciting dice game for a minimum of 12 players. In BUNCO BONKO any game with less than 12 human players will be filled in by some of our mascot characters.


Playing BUNCO BONKO is easy. From the lobby you simply select a city you want to play in, then join the first game listed below it by clicking the JOIN button.


It's best to join a city that is at or below your current level, otherwise there is a per-round payment penalty!

Once you have joined a location, a prompt will come up showing you how much it will cost to play and ask you to join the current game. Simply click the PLAY button.

  • If the game is currently between ROUND 1 and ROUND 5, and there is space available, you will be joined immediately.
  • If it is currently ROUND 6 or there is no space available, you will have to wait a few minutes until the next game starts or go back to the lobby and select another room.
  • If it is currently between games, you will be joined to the next game in Round 1.


To get into a game the fastest, it's best to join when the game is currently between rounds, or when the game is almost finished with ROUND 6.

When you have been seated at a table you will notice that each table has been randomly divided into 2 teams, the green team and the pink team. You play as a team and win or lose as a team! You'll notice your team points displayed at the bottom of the table. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the round wins!

During game play players take turns rolling 3 dice. When it is your turn, the arrow will point to you at the table, and a roll selector will pop up, asking you how you want to shake your cup. You only have a few seconds to respond! Simply select the shake you want, and see how it goes!


It's good BUNCO strategy to roll as fast as you can, so that you can rack up more points before the round ends!


BUNCO scoring is simple:

  • If you roll a three of a kind matching the current round number, it's a BUNCO!! (21 points!)
  • If you roll any other three of a kind, it's a BABY BUNCO! (5 points!)
  • Any other single dice you roll that match the current round number will give you a single point.


If you roll a BUNCO, not only do you get 21 points and all the glory, you also get a star on your avatar and a collection item for the location you're playing in. Collect all 10 and you win the CROWN for that location! Everyone can see when you are playing and you're wearing the CROWN!

When you roll, if you score any points you get to roll again! If you do not score points, the dice pass to the player on the other team and they get a chance to roll.

THE HEAD TABLE (and all the other tables)

The HEAD TABLE is where all the action is. They're the leaders of the pace of the game for everyone! Game play STARTS for ALL tables when the HEAD TABLE rings the bell to start play, and game play STOPS for ALL tables when a team at the head table scores 21 points.


BUNCO BONKO also has a 10 minute countdown timer to keep things moving.

When game play stops, that is the end of the current round. If it's the end of ROUND 1 through ROUND 5, then the winning team at each table moves up to a higher table! ...and the losing team moves DOWN to a lower table. In the event of a tie, a coin is tossed to determine which team wins. The goal is to work your way up to the HEAD TABLE and stay there!


You can browse all the tables and watch the scores of your friends using the table viewer in the bottom right of the game screen.

When ROUND 6 is over, the game ends and a two minute break starts. During this two minutes, players that buy into the next game are guaranteed a seat at a table. If wait too long and buy in while the game is in progress, there may not be a seat for you!


After ROUND 6 the game remembers which table you finished at. If you play the next game, you will start AT LEAST as high as your last table, maybe HIGHER!


In BUNCO BONKO there is a natural progression through various real and imaginary locations around the globe. Every location has a level, and if you are at that level or below, you can play without a penalty. Watch out! If you play in a location that is way above your level the penalty can be very steep!


As you complete your collection at each location you will earn an additional completed collection bonus that you can collect every day!

Some locations will always be available. Others that are more mystical may only be available for a limited time. Be sure to complete your collection in a limited time location before the location closes. Once a limited time location closes - it will never return!


With each point you score during a game, you gain an experience point (XP). To see your progress you can view your level up meter in the top right of the game screen, or in your inventory on the profile tab. Each time you fill your meter and "Level Up", you will be granted a variety of coins, charms or power ups as a reward!


The quickest way to level up is to Bunco, with 21 points in one roll - you will really see those levels climb! Play a 2XP power up and you will advance even faster!

In addition to some nice rewards for leveling up, playing in higher level rooms gets cheaper as you advance and other hidden features may be revealed.


Underneath your avatar at the top right of the game screen is where you will find the Power Up meter. This meter fills over time as you score points. Once it is full you can click to activate the current Power Up (chosen at random). Each Power Up gives you a specific result, some increase your XP and some give you better odds to roll a Bunco! Experiment with each to see which ones work best for your play style.


Want to play only the ELITE power ups? You can gift the lower level STANDARD power ups to your friends by clicking your contact list in the chat menu.


Charms are a big part of BUNCO BONKO. Charms are visible on your charm bracelet, in your inventory, on your avatar, and on your cup. There is a large variety of charms you can use to customize your character and in addition, anyone can click on you at any time and peruse your collection.

Under the game table area, you will find the charm bracelet. When you roll a Bunco, you will earn a charm for that location to put on your bracelet! There are 10 charms for each location and when you collect them all, you earn a CROWN for that area AND a boost to your free daily credits.


Some charms are very rare. Sometimes the best way to get those hard to get ones is to trade with lucky friends that also play BUNCO BONKO. Or if you have extras, perhaps you can help other players by sharing them!

In addition to the charms you can earn by rolling Buncos you can win charms by leveling up, by clicking certain social media posts, or by spinning the daily rewards wheel. There are also charms available for purchase in the BUNCO BONKO store.


Not all charms are tradable, every location has a few charms that you have to earn yourself if you want to complete your collection!